Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blackburn Rovers: Beginning of the End?

I hope for all the fans out there like me that this is not the beginning of the end but the end of the Venkys/Kean era. It has been a very hard period in the history of the great club I love. Since the day the Venkys bought the club it has been on an downward spiral that seems to increase with speed everyday.

We have not only had to watch our club become the laughing stock of English football but then put up with the media backing him and putting the blame on the fans. Would any of them sit back and watch ignorant people ruin their club. Talking of ignorant people one name comes to mind, that would be Steve Kean. Would you not take some action if you had to listen to the leader of you club say this;

Steve said: “We are not going to be able to invent 10 games where we can go on an unbeaten run because there are not enough games left.”
Gordon says: Steve is certainly on top of things.
Steve said: “Our break in Dubai went really well. From a medical point of view I have been told vitamin D levels were very high in the lads when they come back due to the sunshine.”
Gordon says: So basically they just topped up their tans?

Steve said: “We've had monumental results this season, including back-to-back clean sheets".
Gordon says: This comedy writes itself.

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This is only a glimpse of the nonsense we have heard over the last 18 months. How long can this nightmare continue for. How can a group of people who have created a successful chicken business not see what is going on at there new business that they same they love. Or is this part of the master plan if so it would seem like this really is the beginning of the end.

There have been a number of different rumors flying around the media circuits this week. One is that Venkys are not going anywhere but Steve Kean may be. Others are that there are new investors, Billionaire Blackburn fans (yes please), that want to buy the club. But it stills seems the most likely scenario is that we are going to be in exactly the same position we are now. Maybe just a few players lighter, or 20% less according to Venkys.

Venkys haven't listened to the fans and apparently didn't listen to Paul Hunt either back in December when he warned them of the direction the club was heading. Now we have all seen that there were people at the club that see what the fans see what happens, they just remove the only person at the club that has any sort of idea of what is going on. I guess they prefer BS to honesty!

As a huge fan of the great Blackburn Rovers I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end but that the end of this era is near and the start of the rebuild process is around the corner.