About Me

I was born in New York from an American father and English mother so consider myself 50/50. I moved to England when I was 18 months old and this is where I fell in love with sports mostly football and in particular Balckburn Rovers. I grew up spending all of my time playing and watching sports. Whether it was for my Sunday league kids team or playing cricket in the street with my friends.

My dream as with many other kids was to be a proffesional footballler but that didnt work out so know I work in tha accounting office for a restuarant group in East Hampton, NY. I moved back to the USA 3 years ago after I graduated from Cardiff University where I studied Business Management and Accounting. I have also been lucky enough to have traveled across the world to countries such as Australia, Thailand, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia.

I feel like I have an open mind and like to look at all sides of any situation before taking my side. I started this blog as I love to talk about sports and like to get feedback on my opinions.

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