Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hosting a Super Bowl Party

My girlfriend and I are planning to host the super bowl party at our new house for the first time. Being the first time but knowing how big a day this is I am feeling some pressure. I know that its a day enjoyed by all not just those football fans that follow their team all season long. With the super bowl comes half time entertainment and of course the commercials as well as the much anticipated championship game.

I have tried to do as much research as I can, without overloading my brain, by looking for hints and tips to being a great super bowl party host. It seems that the most important thing besides having a TV that works is the food. The food should be finger food with a range of options and have it ready. There is nothing worse than trying to get it all finalised once the game has started! I am all ready working on ideas for the spread we will offer.

Very closely following the food is the beer and to some this would be way ahead of the snacks. Make sure one there is enough and two that you have a place to keep it cold. Whats the use in having cases of beer if they are all going to be warm. This week I will be working on eating my way through the food that is in the fridge to make space. Also be sure to have a couple other options in the beverage department for non beer drinkers and also the drivers.

Another key to making it feel special and different from other parties you host is to decorate the place in the team colors. We have a couple jerseys to wear and have to look into some other blue and white decorations to support the Giants!

A few websites also suggest making the game more interesting for the non die hard football fans by having some friendly money on the game in the form of boxes. The key being friendly money don't gamble your rent money keep it reasonable. I also like to have a lucky dip for first and last touchdown scorer which I used to have a lot of fun with watching football (soccer) matches with my college flatmates. This gives people someone to cheer for and get excited about touchdowns even if they don't really care who wins.

But the key seems to be keep it simple lots of food, lots of drink, liven the place up a little and add extra interest in the game by putting friendly money on the line. So average sports fans and more experience super bowl hosts please offer me any other advise that will make our super bowl 46 party a hit.

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