Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transfer Deadline Day Drama

Well this January transfer deadline day was not quite as intense as last January (60 million compared to 225 million last year) but it is still one of the most exciting days of the football season. There are people who are against the transfer window format but I personally like it a lot. It brings excitement to the middle of the season and it also gives teams the peace of mind that they have the squad they have for the rest of the season.

As a Blackburn fan I am now safe in the knowledge that the squad we have is the one that is going to finish out the season and hopefully be good enough to keep us up. There was a fair bit of action for the Rovers today with both some ins and some outs. We were involved in one of the bigger stories of the day with Ryan Nelson being released so he could join spurs which I am not that happy about as he is a true leader and would add some valuable experience to the situation we find ourselves in. It was also a classic deadline day move were there was a press release stating he was playing in a behind closed doors game to get his fitness back and the next thing you know is he has been released. That's the drama of transfer deadline day. It also is standard that Harry Redknapp is involved in the late action as with pretty much all the transfer windows. But don't ever call him a wheeler dealer to his face (see below).

But as an average sports fan I spent the majority of my work day following the live feed on the BBC sport website. Hoping for a big signing for my team (it didn't happen) but also just enjoying the gossip and rumour mill turning in full force. Its not only about the signings however its also about keeping your players which was a big deal for the Rovers but no major outs, Nelson aside, so know its time for tomorrows game with Newcastle and pushing on through the season with the squad we have. I believe we have enough to stay up and hopefully push on next season.

Hope all you average sports fans enjoyed the transfer deadline as much as I did!

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